"Those Day We Spent On The Farm" is another example of fun and innovative music videos by Coleman Teleproductions.

Coleman Teleproduction utilitzes state of the art equipment, operated by highly experienced employees to bring you top quality services giving YOU a product in which you can be proud!!

Coleman Teleproductions is proud to feature their HD equipped Drone Camera.  Commercials, music videos, documentaries and so much more can now be enhanced with HD drone filming.  The drone camera allows for true cinematic productions using 360 degree filming technology.  Forward or backward moving shots or hover shots are all possible utilizing this state of the art technology.  Here are just a few samples of video production using the HD drone camera.  Call Coleman today for more information.

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"Frizzell and Friends" is an excellent example of our HD Video Production Services from our Mobil Production Truck

HD Drone Camera Film Production



"The Price Of Freedom Just Went Up".  Filmed using a 30 ft. crane, this video shows the versatility and expertise of Coleman Teleproductions.


*  Sony Broadcast Quality HD Camera

*  Panasonic AF100 Cinematic Camera

*  Cannon Still Camera

*  Steady Cam

*  Large Scale Jib

*  Dolly and Track

*  Lighting and Audio Equipment

*  Mobile Production Truck

*  Drone Camera